Physiotherapy Services

Physiotherapy involves the process of clinical assessment, diagnosis and treatment in order to expedite a patient’s recovery from muscular injuries and/or dysfunctions, ligament and tendon damage as well as joint degeneration.

Physical therapy treatment may involve a combination of hands-on, specific exercise programs and electrotherapeutic modalities. The evidence-based treatment is highly effective in reducing pain, restoring normal movement patterns and maximising functional capacity. 

We are a fully equipped facility that combines advanced technology with highly experienced therapists to provide services including: Gym and rehabilitation programs, Exercise prescription, Hands-on mobilisation and soft tissue therapy, Treatment of all muscular injuries, sprains and strains, Taping Sporting Injuries, Waterproof Fibreglass Casts, Splints Education and Advice Ultrasound and Interferential Treatment.

Acupuncture treatments can be offered in conjunction with physiotherapy